M&M's Guarantee, and Agreement between M&M and You


This agreement contains provisions to protect both you as buyer and M&M River City Schnauzers as seller.

Below is the main text of the agreement. To Print out the official form, please click here.
This Agreement made and entered into on this __day of ___, 2011, by and between M&M River City Schnauzers, hereinafter referred as Seller, and _____ hereinafter referred as Buyer. The Seller sells “pet quality” pets only. There is no guarantee, expressed, or implied, that the pets are show quality, or that they will reproduce - they are sold as companion pets only. No PET may be returned by BUYER to SELLER except for such reasons as provided herein:
  1. SELLER does not guarantee against any worms or coccidian (parasites), giardia, demodex, or ear mites.
    Retained testicles and hernias are excluded from this guarantee.
  2. QUALIFICATIONS FOR REPLACEMENT PET: Buyer must have taken your pet for vet check within the
    required time: (3) days from date of purchase. Failing to do so will void your health guarantee. Follow your
    vet’s advice and upon death of the animal have an autopsy performed by State lab, and returned written
    cause of death to seller. All costs are AT BUYER’S EXPENSE.
  3. Should the puppy be diagnosed within two years of any genetically derived medical disorder of heart, liver,
    or kidneys which is considered by two unassociated veterinarians to seriously impact the quality of life
    short of euthanasia, or require continuous medical treatment throughout the course of the puppy’s life
    SELLER will, upon provision of veterinary reports, provide Buyer with one of the following options:
    a) Should Buyer choose to keep puppy and accept partial refund, SELLER will, upon receipt of proof of
    spay or neuter, refund 50% of purchase price.
    b) Should buyer choose to relinquish ownership of the puppy to SELLER, SELLER will replace said
    puppy of like value within a time frame of 8 months. If no puppy is available within that time, a refund
    of purchase price (less shipping or miscellaneous charges) will be given.
  4. Hypoglycemia was explained to me and I understand SELLER is not responsible for this problem.
    purchase date.
  6. We DO NOT pay veterinarian bills or any other expenses incurred by Buyer.
  7. SELLER retains full interest in pet until all checks are cleared and payment is received in full.
  8. Purchase Paper types:
    a) ___ Purchased with full registration papers.
    b) ___ Purchased with limited papers to be spayed/neutered. (Buyer will receive papers after SELLER
    receives notification from a licensed vet that the puppy has been altered. Buyer agrees and
    understands that said puppy is to be spayed/neutered no later than six months of age if purchased on
    signed agreement.)
This contract is legal and binding, and SELLER reserves the right to seek legal action at the expense of the buyer.