A Checklist for Housetraining your Dog

Housetraining Checklist

As everyone with a new puppy knows, housetraining is a necessity if our dogs are going to live with us. What you may not know is that with the right tools - both purchased and learned - housetraining does not have to be troublesome.

Check out this housetraining checklist to make sure you have the necessary tools that successful housetraining takes:

  • Buy a pup from a reliable breeder who has taken the time to start pups on the right track and who keeps the whelping box and kennel clean.
  • A crate is an invaluable tool. We have many pet owners commenting that crate training was easy after being initially skeptical.
  • A barrier gate confines your pup to a room with easy-to-clean floors if you don't want him in a crate and you just can't watch his every move.
  • Papers, Piddle Pads®, and a Protection Tray are a must if you're training your pup to go inside.
  • Do you have plenty of treats to give your pup when he's "done his duty?" Some pups are very food motivated.
  • Feeding on schedule helps your pup's body get used to having to relieve himself on schedule.
  • Cleanup supplies - Dog-Tergent and Stainaway are great products for the inevitable accident.
  • Get a lead and collar so he can relieve himself under your control and so you can train your pup to go in a certain area of the yard.
  • Good owner skills include:
  • Praise and not punishment.
  • Punctuality. Getting your pup outside the moment he needs to so he knows what's expected of him.
  • Patience is what you need inside with a damp cloth in one hand and a bottle of Dog-Tergent in the other.

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