Testimonial - Milo, the Schnauzer Lover Boy


From: Liz Bolton
Subject: RE: Milo Bolton
Date: Sun, October 26, 2014


Dear Mario,

From the first time I found MM River City Schnauzers online, I thought the puppies posted were the cutest things ever!

I started emailing asking question, Mario was always quick to answer. We paid our first visit and chose our little Milo after about 2 weeks of emailing. It was obvious that Mario and his wife loves their dogs and puppies. Mario showed us around like we were family.

The process was very easy and the owners were informative and helpful. I am so grateful for MM River City Schnauzers because Milo has the sweetest personality. We call him our "lover boy" because he loves to cuddle. He has brought us so much love and joy into our family.



Liz Bolton

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