Testimonial - Lola at 7 Weeks


From: "Claudia Ramirez"
Subject: new schnauzer - Lola
Date: March 23, 2017

Hi Chris,

I wanted to THANK YOU again for allowing my family to purchase our little Lola.

I've been looking on your website since last September and when I saw this litter come out I knew I had to have one. You guys were so quick to respond and send me pictures! I also appreciated the pics of Lola during her weeks she was with you, I loved seeing all the updates.

Lola will be 8 weeks tomorrow and she's so loving and excited every time she sees us. We absolutely love her. We also found out that our neighbor bought her schnauzer from you too, her name is Nube.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, we appreciate you and will continue to send you pics and updates of Lola :) I've attached a picture of her at 7 weeks (last week).

-Claudia Ramirez



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